Facebook Chat on Website

Have you noticed you can now install Facebook Chat on Website? A potential client could now start a conversation with you and the message goes directly in to your inbox.

Facebook Chat on Website – good idea?

So long as you are pretty good at responding to messages (I mean within a 24 hour period) then potentially yes. It could be great! We certainly couldn’t hurt.

However, if it normally takes you more than 24 hours to respond this isn’t the chat facility for you. The message will only appear in your Facebook inbox for 24 hours.

For you, it may be a case, if you wanted to use chat on your website to look to other chat apps.

How to install

It really couldn’t be easier. I am going to show you how easy it is within Facebook for WordPress. And this link will take you to Facebook’s Business Support where you’ll find step by step instructions for other platforms.

Facebook Chat on Website, plugin

To start with head on over to your Facebook Business Inbox and here you will see the chat plugin icon

Check you have the correct domain name and click on the set up button

Facebook Chat on Website, set up

Choose your language, add an additional domains. Just click save and continue as you go.

Now you can either take the code from here and input in to your website. Or better still, do it the easy way!

Facebook Chat on WordPress Website

It really couldn’t be easier. Go to your dashboard, to plugins and add new. Search for Facebook Chat Plugin

Facebook Chat Plugin WordPress

Click Install now and then activate. Once you have activated you will see the Facebook chat header in your left hand menu.

Now click on Facebook Chat to edit the settings. Pick the page you want to connect to your Facebook chat facility.

Now follow the step by step instructions from the set up guide

Facebook Chat box edit design

You can even edit the colour of the chat box so that it is on brand. You can set up automated messages and FAQ’s too if you like. The chances are if you already have automated responses on your Facebook page, these will appear here for you.

Chat Box Live

And that’s it! Your Facebook Chat facility will be live on your website.

Go on, have a play and let me know how you get on! You could always get in touch through the chat box on my website!


Twitter Image Size

Twitter Image Size 2021

In May 2021 the Twitter Image Size was updated. Twitter has been trying out a few changes over the previous months. Now it is being rolled out to all users, both on iOS and Android

Is it important to use the correct image size?

The simple answer to this is yes! It will make your Twitter account look more professional. Similarly, more engaging.

It avoids your image being stretched to “fit the box” on Twitter. You will find that having the correct images size means people will see exactly what you want them to see.

Creating Twitter Images

It’s not just the Twitter Image Size to think about. There are other things to consider when creating your images for Twitter. And for other social media images too.

Firstly, the best thing you can do is use your own images. They are always going to work best. If you do need to use stock photo’s make sure you have the right to use them.

In other words, don’t just go to Google and think because the image is online you can use it! Pick the wrong image and you may be sued!

Have you had a look at pixabay.com ? There are some great free images there.

Twitter Image Sizes

Use a platform like canva.com to resize your images. You’ll find the following sizes:

  • Header 1500 x 500 px
  • Post 1600 x 900 px
  • Ad 1600 x 900 px
  • Profile Picture – minimum 400 x 400 px
  • In stream photo’s 1600 x 1900 px
Twitter Image Size, post 1600 x 900 px
Twitter Image Size, post 1600 x 900 px
Twitter Image Size, Cover Photo
Cover Photo Size 1500 x 500
Twitter In-stream image size 1600 x 1900 px
In-stream image size 1600 x 1900 px

Finally it would be great to connect with you on Twitter. Please do feel free to follow me 🙂 I’m pretty good at following back!

If you would like training on Twitter please get in touch or keep an eye on my Twitter workshop page.


Using Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories for Marketing

Are you using Instagram Stories in your marketing mix? You should be! For instance, If your target audience is on Instagram you need to use stories. Furthermore, if you want to be seen by them everyday you need to use Stories.

Why use them?

Using Instagram Stories

Above all, simply for their positioning. When someone uses Instagram, the stories appear right at the top of the account. And stay there. In other words, each time you update your story and it is viewed by your followers, they will see your new story addition.

Select image
Using Instagram Stories, Pug


Stickers are extremely versatile. In other words they enable you to add extra context to your Instagram Stories content. To add some fun! To turn a static image in to a moving one!

Best of all, new stickers are continually added to the selection, keep exploring!

To add stickers to your story, once you have picked a photo or video simply tap the Stickers button. (The smiley face in the top right of the screen). Here you will see customizable stickers for

  • weather
  • the current time
  • location
  • arrows
  • gifs
  • and so much more
Stories Stickers

Resizing and moving stickers on Instagram Stories

You can move stickers by dragging them across your screen and resize them by pinching or expanding it with two fingers.

How to add location

To add your location tap the Stickers button and then select the ‘Location’ option.

You will be shown a list with a list of nearby locations and a search bar to help you filter and find the right location.

If you have your own location, add that. Alternatively you can pick the location you most want to be recognised in. Mix it up!

Tongue Out Tuesday

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Facebook LinkedIn

Social Media Plan

Do you have a social media plan? A social media strategy. It’s amazing how many people don’t. Furthermore, how much time people waste staring at their screen wondering what to post. But in the words of Benjamin Franklin ….

“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

How to create a social media plan?

So let’s start by thinking about what should be in your social media plan.

Let’s start with the most important question. Who is your target audience?

Target Audience

You need to establish this, to decide which platform it is you should be using. There’s no point concentrating all your efforts on Facebook marketing, if your audience isn’t there.

So many people will pick a platform, because that is the one they are most comfortable with. However, if your target audience is mainly on LinkedIn and your are marketing on Facebook ….. well we know how that is going to end.


Once you know who you are talking to, you can start to think about what to talk about.

If you are looking for engaging content then you need to think about what type of content your audience are most likely to engage with. What interests them? What do they like? And do you know what? It isn’t necessarily information about your business.

Learn about the Social Media Platforms

Learn how each of the social media platforms you are going to use works best. Which type of content do the users tend to react more positively to?

On Facebook, for example, for most businesses, you’ll find that posting personal content about you will work best. The person behind the business.

This often baffles people, but at the end of the day …. as well we know …

People Buy from People, they Know, Like and Trust

Social Media Plan, Facebook Insights

You can see from the above screen shot that one posts sticks out in reach, far more than the others. And why?

Social Media Plan, Personal Posts

Because it is something personal. It is a post that gives the reader an insight in to my life. The person behind the business.

Now I know, this wouldn’t be the right type of content to use for example on LinkedIn. It’s a bit too personal. So although I might think this is perfect for Facebook – I may think about diarising my working week for my LinkedIn updates.

Maybe on my Company Page on LinkedIn I might alternate posts between industry related articles and my workshops?

Let’s be a bit more Abraham Lincoln…

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

In the long run, putting that thought in to your social media plan, before you start posting, is going to save you so much time. In other words, creating that plan is going to make your social marketing more efficient and more effective.

Map it out

We use Excel for our strategy / plan. Days of the week along the top – platforms down the left hand side.

In to this you can input which platforms you are posting on on what day. Also, what you are going to post about.

You could use this as a weekly content callendar (or monthly if you prefer). Uses websites like daysoftheyear.com You’ll find some great days of the year, which will trend year in year out, on here. Some of them will be appropriate to your target audience.

Need Help?

If you feel like you need some support please do get in contact – I offer Social Media Content and Strategy training too.


Increase LinkedIn Company Followers

How do I Increase my LinkedIn Company followers? This is a question I am so very often asked.

How do I Increase my LinkedIn Company Page Followers?

Well luckily for us LinkedIn have decided to help us increase our LinkedIn Company Page followers, by re-introducing the “invite button”.

Increase LinkedIn Company Followers, Admin
Increase LinkedIn Followers, Click on Admin Tools

Simply go to your business page and click on admin tools. You’ll find the option to “Invite Connections” on the drop down box.

Increase LinkedIn Followers, Invite connections
Increase LinkedIn Followers, Invite Connections

Increase LinkedIn Followers – Should I Invite Everyone to follow my Company Page?

My advice here would be NO – really think about who you want to invite to follow your page. As this is a relatively new feature people will start to go a little click happy as soon as they find it.

People will be inundated with notifications of requests to follow LinkedIn Company Pages. With this in mind I would be a little picky. Go through your connections. Really think about the people who you feel would really benefit from following your company page.

LinkedIn Company Page Invite Restrictions

There are some restrictions – to control the amount of invites being sent out from you. An admin can invite up to 50 of their connections at a session. So this is why I say, really think about who you are inviting.

Also you will find:-

If you have less than 3 connections you wont have the ability to invite connectons

If you have more than 100,000 followers on your page you may not have this option.

Please bare in mind, once invited – that’s it. You will not be able to invite that person again. So if you feel you are being flooded with invitations, hold back. Wait until it all calms down about, then start to invite!

My Invitation to You

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