Instagram Workshops

Instagram Workshop North East

It’s time to embrace Instagram and include it in your marketing strategies.  From posting on your Newsfeed to updating your regular stories Instagram is a fabulous place for your to raise your business profile, engage and interact with your target audience.

Once you understand the different elements of Instagram and understand how to read and learn from your Insights, you will find your maketing on Instagram far more effective.

This workshop is Limited to 4 People

Instagram Workshop for North East Businesses  

In this hands on workshop we will cover:

  • How Instagram works
  • How to set up your Instagram correctly and link it to your  Facebook business page
  • How to optimise your bio to ensure you are coming up in the right searches and be found by the right people.
  • What to post on your newsfeed – Engagement is King!
  • How to post
    • When to post
    • Images & Video
  • How to create engaging stories
  • How to make stories more exciting with stickers and other options available within Instagram
  • The best apps to use to make your images more engaging
  • How to Increase your followers
  • Understanding Instagrams Insights
  • Measuring your Instagram success
  • Instagram paid for Advertising

Who is this North East Instagram Workshop for?

This Instagram workshop is for any business in the North East, regardless of size, who would like to raise their Company profile and brand awareness. This North East Instagram workshop will be ideal for both beginners and businesses who “don’t think they are getting it right” or “don’t think Instagram works for them”.

What will you achieve by attending this Instagram Workshop?

At the end of this session you will:-

  • Have a fully optimised Instagram Account
  • An excellent understanding of Instagram as a marketing tool
  • Be able to market your business effectively and efficiently on Instagram
  • Have an ability to measure your Instagram success