Split Testing Facebook Posts

Have you noticed that split testing Facebook posts has been rolled out? Sneakily added to our post creation tools in publishing tools or on Business Suite.

And it’s great!

I’m not talking about ads here, this is on your organic (free) posts.

Split Testing Organic Posts – What does this mean?

Basically you are going to be able to post up to 4 (I’d be using all 4 if I were you) versions of the same post. Just make 1 slight change to each. In other words change the text in each post. Or, change the image/media.

What can you learn?

When you have created your 4 posts, Facebook are going to show each version of your post to different groups of people who are following you. Then, Facebook will publish the post with the best reaction, to your page.

You will be able to learn from this. Learn which posts your audiences like the most. Learn which of your posts are most engaging.

You’ll be able to test and iterate!

How to Create Split Testing Posts

Split Testing Facebook Posts

Head to your business page and click on publishing tools in the left hand column.

Then click on create.

Alternatively go to your Business Suite and click create.

Split Testing Facebook Posts, Facebook only

Make sure that you only have the tick in the Facebook box.

At the moment you are not able to split test on Instagram. In other words this post must be for Facebook only.

Create Facebook Post in Publisher

Now create your post.

You can see here I’ve posted about this blog, put the link in to the blog and the feature image is displayed. I’m going to override this image, add a new one, as it is the wording I want to change. And I still want the post to look good in the Newsfeed

Split test organic post on Facebook

Now scroll down and in the middle column ….

You’ll find the half filled wine carafe.

Click on Create A/B Test

Create 4 different versions of your organic facebook post.

Now create your 4 different versions of your Facebook post …

Obviously you have the ability to change every element and make 4 completely different posts. Using different images. Using different wording. But you’re not going to learn from that.

So once done, check your summary page and either schedule or click send!

It’s time to test Split Testing Facebook Posts

Go on, have a go. Look at the analytics and learn from it. What makes your audience tick. What type of post resonates with them?

Imagine what you can learn from this. The possibilities!

If you have any questions please do get in touch and if you aren’t following North East Social Media alread, please do so on Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook Chat on Website

Have you noticed you can now install Facebook Chat on Website? A potential client could now start a conversation with you and the message goes directly in to your inbox.

Facebook Chat on Website – good idea?

So long as you are pretty good at responding to messages (I mean within a 24 hour period) then potentially yes. It could be great! We certainly couldn’t hurt.

However, if it normally takes you more than 24 hours to respond this isn’t the chat facility for you. The message will only appear in your Facebook inbox for 24 hours.

For you, it may be a case, if you wanted to use chat on your website to look to other chat apps.

How to install

It really couldn’t be easier. I am going to show you how easy it is within Facebook for WordPress. And this link will take you to Facebook’s Business Support where you’ll find step by step instructions for other platforms.

Facebook Chat on Website, plugin

To start with head on over to your Facebook Business Inbox and here you will see the chat plugin icon

Check you have the correct domain name and click on the set up button

Facebook Chat on Website, set up

Choose your language, add an additional domains. Just click save and continue as you go.

Now you can either take the code from here and input in to your website. Or better still, do it the easy way!

Facebook Chat on WordPress Website

It really couldn’t be easier. Go to your dashboard, to plugins and add new. Search for Facebook Chat Plugin

Facebook Chat Plugin WordPress

Click Install now and then activate. Once you have activated you will see the Facebook chat header in your left hand menu.

Now click on Facebook Chat to edit the settings. Pick the page you want to connect to your Facebook chat facility.

Now follow the step by step instructions from the set up guide

Facebook Chat box edit design

You can even edit the colour of the chat box so that it is on brand. You can set up automated messages and FAQ’s too if you like. The chances are if you already have automated responses on your Facebook page, these will appear here for you.

Chat Box Live

And that’s it! Your Facebook Chat facility will be live on your website.

Go on, have a play and let me know how you get on! You could always get in touch through the chat box on my website!


How do I get likes on my Facebook Page

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page

The question How do I get likes on my Facebook Page is one that I am asked often.

It’s important to let people know you are there! Creating a beautiful business page is one thing, but once it’s there you have to go out and get people to “like” you.

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page – Invitations

The first thing you can do is invite any people you are personal friends with on Facebook to like your page but be aware. My advice here would be, only invite the people who would actually be interested in your business posts.

There is no point getting people to like your page just for the numbers.

You need likes from people who are really going to be interested in what you do, what you post about. People who will get value from your updates and ultimately people who are likely to buy your product or service.

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page – Marketing Materials

Make sure you include your Facebook Business Page address on ALL of your marketing literature, on your

  • flyers
  • business cards
  •  pop up banners

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page – Email Signature

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page, Email Signature

Include a link to your Facebook Business Page at the bottom of your email, in your signature pane.

When I click to create an email, the picture here on the right is what displays, it is preset for every email I send out.

The large logo links through to my website, the underlined text links to my personal LinkedIn Profile and the Social Media Icons below that link to my relevant Social Media platforms.

Email your contacts

Send an email and TELL people you are on Social Media and ask people to connect with you.

Other Suggestions

If you send out products, include a postcard, or business card, with your Facebook Business Page details on it.

Tweet links to your Facebook Business Page

Create and Advert on Facebook for Page Likes, but really nail down your target audience.

Post interesting posts on Facebook, posts that will encourage interaction. As people do start to like your Facebook status updates, their friends will see it, in their newsfeeds.

Facebook Like Button on your Website

Make sure you have the relevant like us on Facebook button on your website.

As people start to like your posts, click on those who have, and if they have not liked your page already, invite them to do so.

Invite people who have liked your posts to like your page

Here’s a very quick 60 second video to show you how to do this.


I do hope you find these tips useful.

If you have any questions, please ask away – I am more than happy to help where I can. Make sure you connect with me on Facebook too

Important Update – 1st March 2021

Please be aware that Facebook have annouced, some time ago now, that they are in the process of getting rids of likes on your Facebook page. These will be replaced with “follows”. If you check, you will probably find that you already have more followers than you do likes.