Hashtags on Facebook -Yes or No?

Should I be using hashtags on Facebook?

This is a question I am often asked. Are they functional? What is their purpose? Do they really work?

Hashtags on Facebook

They were first introduced on Facebook in June 2013 when they annouced

Starting today, hashtags will be clickable on Facebook. Similar to other services like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, hashtags on Facebook allow you to add context to a post or indicate that it is part of a larger discussion. 

Greg Lindley

But the use of them really didn’t take off. There was a further update in March 2016 when Facebook stated …

Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in posts on your profile or Page. When people click a hashtag or search for a hashtag, they’ll see a results that contain the hashtag so they can learn more about topics that interest them.


And they offered suggestions on how hashtags should be created and used. Still not many, in the large scheme of things, used them.

Some people started to feed their Instagram posts to Facebook with 30 hashtags in, but it didn’t and still doesn’t look right. However you are going to see yet another push from Facebook on hashtag use because ….

Facebook want you to use Hashtags

Therefore you are going to start seeing prompts on your posts. And guess what? By using hashtags you are going to start seeing an increase in your reach.

What’s the purpose of them?

In other words you are simply going to increase the potential reach of your post, raise your audience, reach a new audience. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Using Hashtags on Facebook, blue hashtag
It’s time to start using hashtags on Facebook

Using a hashtag groups a conversation together. So you can imagine Facebook’s next step right? They will start to encourage users to follow hashtags – don’t miss out!

Top Tips

  • Try using some popular hashtags (you can research them for now on Instagram
  • In addition use Trending hashtags – find them on Twitter – Twitter provides the most recent trending topics being talked about right now
  • Don’t use too many hashtags – you don’t want your followers forming negative feelings subliminally towards you! 2 or 3 will do
  • No space – the minute you put a space when typing a word after the # sign it will “break” the hashtag
  • No Punctuation – as above

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What are Facebook Followers?

Have you noticed people who you have not accepted as friends on Facebook can actually be your Facebook Followers?  I was asked the other day about how to find out who these followers are.  There really is a very simple way.

Facebook Followers – who are they?

To find out who your Facebook Followers are go to your profile. You will see in your Intro Section the amount of Followers you have.

Facebook Followers

Click on the number of people and your Facebook Followers list will appear.

Followers on your personal profile

How do I stop people from following me?

To stop someone from being a Facebook Follower go to their profile and block them. Simples.  After that click on the three dots to the right of their cover photo and choose the option to block. You won’t be able to see their information any more and they wont be able to see yours.

How to block Facebook Followers

What do Facebook Followers see?

Your Facebook Followers will only be able to see those posts that you choose to share publicly.

Who sees what on Facebook?

If you have something that you are sharing that is more private, chose the option, for instance, to be seen by Friends only.

Are you aware that you can actually create your own “lists” on Facebook? This enables you to share posts from your personal profile to a specific group of people?

Simply click on the more button under “Friends except…” and you’ll see what I mean.

Where are my Facebook Followers settings

On your personal profile click on settings and then you will see an option on the left hand side which says public posts.  Click here and you’ll see right at the top  “who can follow me”. It’s here that you can change your settings if you would like to.

Edit Personal Settings

If you would like to block more than 1 of your Facebook Followers you can. Go to your settings and click on blocking. Type “All Followers” in to the Block Users Bars. As a result your list, although not as details as above, will appear.

blocking people following me
Block people on Facebook

I do hope you’ve found that useful.  Furthermore, if you have any Social Media questions please feel free to send them to me via the contact form on my contact page  

If you would prefer you could email me directly or come and ask on my Facebook Page


Removing a Review on Facebook

People often ask me about removing a review on Facebook. Basically my answer up until now has been – quite simply you can’t.

Facebook have listened and thankfully you are now able to report malicious reviews left on your business page. Facebook will remove the review if it doesn’t reach their guidelines.

Just the other day, my first day back working after the Christmas break I received a notification saying “You have received a new recommendation”. Oooh how lovely I thought. Until I saw the recommendation.

“I do not recommend North East Social Media, I don’t want to see her posts” – is what was written. By someone I had never heard of in British Columbia. Why she would be seeing my posts without liking my page I will never know!

Removing a Review on Facebook
Remove Malicious Reviews on Facebook

I’ve worked hard to build up a reputation and have enjoyed my 5/5 Reviews on Facebook. So this one review, from someone who has never used my services, reduced me to a 4.6/5 rating and I was not amused!

Removing a Review on Facebook – Reporting

Thankfully I was able to click on the three dots next to the review where I was given the option to report a recommendation.

Report Review on Facebook

(Not that I would be reporting this review, Chris is lovely)

What really impressed me is that within an hour of reporting this, Facebook Support Responded to me with this…..

Remove Review on Facebook, message from Facebook
Facebook remove reviews

In conclusion, if you have a bad recommendation or review on Facebook you can now do something. For instance, if it is unwarranted and has nothing to do with your product or service. When the review isn’t based on real personal experience, Facebook will remove it.

Obviously Facebook won’t remove the recommendation or review if it is talking about your product or service. However, if blank, or totally inappropriate like mine was, they will. A step in the right direction!

Do let me know if this information has helped you and in addition make sure you sign up to hear about our upcoming Workshops for 2020.


How do I get likes on my Facebook Page

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page

The question How do I get likes on my Facebook Page is one that I am asked often.

It’s important to let people know you are there! Creating a beautiful business page is one thing, but once it’s there you have to go out and get people to “like” you.

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page – Invitations

The first thing you can do is invite any people you are personal friends with on Facebook to like your page but be aware. My advice here would be, only invite the people who would actually be interested in your business posts.

There is no point getting people to like your page just for the numbers.

You need likes from people who are really going to be interested in what you do, what you post about. People who will get value from your updates and ultimately people who are likely to buy your product or service.

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page – Marketing Materials

Make sure you include your Facebook Business Page address on ALL of your marketing literature, on your

  • flyers
  • business cards
  •  pop up banners

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page – Email Signature

How do I get likes on my Facebook Page, Email Signature

Include a link to your Facebook Business Page at the bottom of your email, in your signature pane.

When I click to create an email, the picture here on the right is what displays, it is preset for every email I send out.

The large logo links through to my website, the underlined text links to my personal LinkedIn Profile and the Social Media Icons below that link to my relevant Social Media platforms.

Email your contacts

Send an email and TELL people you are on Social Media and ask people to connect with you.

Other Suggestions

If you send out products, include a postcard, or business card, with your Facebook Business Page details on it.

Tweet links to your Facebook Business Page

Create and Advert on Facebook for Page Likes, but really nail down your target audience.

Post interesting posts on Facebook, posts that will encourage interaction. As people do start to like your Facebook status updates, their friends will see it, in their newsfeeds.

Facebook Like Button on your Website

Make sure you have the relevant like us on Facebook button on your website.

As people start to like your posts, click on those who have, and if they have not liked your page already, invite them to do so.

Invite people who have liked your posts to like your page

Here’s a very quick 60 second video to show you how to do this.

I do hope you find these tips useful.

If you have any questions, please ask away – I am more than happy to help where I can. Make sure you connect with me on Facebook too

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Do you have a Social Media Strategy or do you sit there everyday, looking at your screen, wondering about what to post today?

I’m delivering a Social Media Content and Strategy course tomorrow in North Shields for The Business Factory and so was just thinking about the content and thought, hey ho I’ll write a blog!

So here are a few steps that I think are absolutely essential when it comes to Social Media.  You know what they say – or at least what Alan Lakein says:- “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” … and oh is he right!

Social Media Strategy – Your Audience

The first thing you need to think about is your target audience.

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they? And most importantly of all …..
  • What are they interested in?

It’s no good saying “My audience is everyone” or “Any woman of any age would buy my product” etc.

The more precise you are about your audience the easier it is going to be for you to connect with them – and engage with them. Think about your buying persona. Build a picture, a story, around that person. What does their day look like?  When are they most likely to want to see your posts?

Social Media Strategy – Platforms

Work out which Social Media platforms you are going to use based on where your target audience is rather than which ones you like using best.

And then, when you have decided which platforms, start to think about what is your purpose is for using that particular platform.

Social Media Strategy – Content

So, what are you going to talk about online? The last thing you want to do is post the same content on each platform.

For example it may be that you decide:-

Facebook will be your platform for engagement with your target audience

Twitter you are going to use to raise your profile, raise your social score and drive traffic to your website.

Instagram may be where you show people what’s happening behind the scenes in your business, maybe it’s a place for you to give people an insight in to you, the person behind the business.

LinkedIn is where you will show people how experienced you are in your field, by sharing relevant news and industry updates.

Create a Plan

If you clearly define which platforms you are going to use and what content you are going to share on each, then bring in to the  computation how often you are going to post on each of them, you are ready to create your plan. Your Social Media Strategy.

Here at North East Social Media that is EXACTLY what we doing, working from a Google Spreadsheet. We mark off each client as we post their content for them. This way we know who has posted for who and where.

  • No duplication of work
  • Double posting is no longer a thing!
  • Sitting for hours thinking about what to write – simply doesn’t happen.

Measure what you do

It is so important to keep a track of what you are doing. Use your insights to create reports. Measure your results so you know that your improvements are working! That having a Social Media Strategy is making a difference.

I promise you, if you put this thought in to it in the first instance, your social media marketing will flow.  You will save hours of times to be able to work on your business, rather than your marketing.

Please do let me know how you get on! If you are stuck I do offer 121 training either in person or via Zoom and would be happy to help.

I also have a Facebook Group you may find useful. I often posts tips on what to talk about on certain days.  Have a look. See if it’s the type of help you need. A gentle prompt.

If you’re looking for more than a gentle prompt, and ongoing training, check out our membership group. The Social Media Angels.


Facebook Competition Rules

Facebook Competition Rules

There still seems to be confusion from Companies as to the Facebook Competition Rules, so I though I would write you a quick blog to remind you of the do’s and dont’s!

Facebook Competition Rules – Like and Share

Like and Share competitions are, and have always been, contrary to Facebook’s terms and Conditions.  If you run Like and Share competitions you run the risk of having your page taken down!  I have seen this happen to so many pages! I don’t know of any who have been warned about breaking the terms and conditions, their pages have just been deleted.

But Everyone Else Does it

This is the argument I hear day in and day out. People think that they can get away with it ….. you may for a period of time, until Facebook purge, and then, hey presto your page will be gone

So what are the rules?

Facebook Competition Rules

This is the offical wording from Facebook:-

Communicating a promotion

If you use Facebook to communicate or administer a promotion (e.g. a contest or sweepstakes), you are responsible for the lawful operation of that promotion, including:

  • the official rules;
  • offer terms and eligibility requirements (e.g. age and residency restrictions); and
  • Compliance with applicable rules and regulations governing the promotion and all prizes offered (e.g. registration and obtaining necessary regulatory approvals).

Required content

Promotions on Facebook must include the following:

  • A complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant; and
  • Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.

Administration of a promotion

Promotions may be administered on Pages, groups, events or within apps on Facebook. Personal timelines and friend connections must not be used to administer promotions (e.g. “share on your timeline to enter” or “share on your friend’s timeline to get additional entries” and “tag your friends in this post to enter” are not permitted).

Assisting promotions

Facebook will not assist you in the administration of your promotion, and if you use our service, you agree to administer your promotion at your own risk. So what this actually means to you …. DO NOT ASK PEOPLE TO SHARE TO ENTER A COMPETITION – DO NOT ASK PEOPLE TO TAG YOUR FRIENDS TO ENTER You can however ask people to like your post. Why not suggest to them that they share with their friends, because if they win, they might share with you! Try running a competition for a meal for 2 and say to enter simply like this post and tell us who would you bring with you? You’re not asking people to tag their friends, just say who they would bring if they won. Therefore, not a requirement of entry to tag! (yet people will still do so).

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter

Live Video

Live Video

Are you using Live Video or any form of video in your social media marketing yet?

For the past 2 years I’ve been trying to encourage people to use video in a social media marketing, to bring video in to their marketing strategies.

When you’re posting on social media you’ve got a whole 1.3 seconds to capture somebody’s attention before they move on to the next post.  Therefore it stands to reason the if you are using something that is going to catch somebody’s eye you have more chance of engagement and interaction and reach on that post.

Live Video Outperforms
Video by far outperforms all other types of post on social media particularly on Facebook LinkedIn and now Twitter.

The most effective post On Facebook is live stream video. Facebook will go out of their way to tell people that you are currently live on Facebook and encourage them to come and watch you, and then when you finished your live stream you publish it to your business page.

Basically you’re getting double whammy with a  Facebook live as first of all the Live is a priority post and then the second best post being uploaded MP4 video . So from your one Live you’re getting the maximum exposure possible as after you have streamed live you can add that video to your page.

Video and Stories

The other thing you need to look at is this the use of stories. Stories are growing in popularity on both Facebook and Instagram. Stories only stay within your story for 24 hours so is there is a need for you to update it could be your story, on a regular basis think of ways that you can bring that into your marketing strategy.

When you’re posting on your story and when you’re using video you need to think mobile. In fact everything you do online now you have to think mobile first. (The video I have embedded above is portrait as I used my desktop computer, but if you are using a mobile keep it vertical).

Live Video, Facebook Live Video, Vertical

How is somebody going to view what you are doing on their mobile device? People prefer to keep their mobile in a vertical position and therefore you need to think about vertical video. It has recently been mentioned the Instagram is going to support landscape video but people are getting more and more in to the habit of looking at their streams vertically. am often asked how long should the video be? To this there is no perfect answer. What we do know is that if you’re creating a video for advertising purposes you need to keep that video to under 15 seconds.

As for other video’s  it depends what you doing. If you’re giving people a demonstration on one of your products for example, or if you’re an artist and you’re creating something in front of people, your audience will watch for as along as the video keeps their attention and interests them. But do remember we live in a World where people like to do things and complete things very quickly!

What you must consider is adding subtitles to your video. It’s been found that when people are watching video on their news feed they are watching it with sound off (incidentally when I listening to it in a story they have sound on). Make sure you familiarise yourself with the publishing tools available to you within your Facebook page, so after you publish your video you can go in and add subtitles.

Live Video, Facebook Live, Subtitles

Have you tried the auto subtitles yet?  They may need a little editing but on the whole it pretty much gets the jest of what you are saying – and is so much better now than it was a few years ago.

Have a think about how you are going to continue to bring, or start to use, video in your marketing.

If you’re not using it you are missing out. You don’t have to create beautifully crafted professional looking videos . At the end of the day the reason people like to watch live video is that it’s raw. Live Video shows a true representation of the person behind the business.

So go on have a go. Don’t be shy! I promise you the more you try it = the more you get used to it = the more confident you will be.

Let me know how you get on! Please feel free to join my Group on Facebook


Accredited Enterprise Nation Facebook Trainer

Accredited Enterprise Nation Facebook Trainer

How excited do you think I was when I was asked to be an accredited Enterprise Nation and Facebook Trainer.

Before Christmas Enterprise Nation contacted me and asked if I would like to work with them and Facebook on their #SheMeansBusiness Campaign.

I had an interview and was then put on a short-list which was sent through to Facebook, for them to decide who they would like to work with on this campaign.

Accredited Enterprise Nation Facebook Trainer Newcastle

Well I was over the moon when the email arrived that I had been chosen as the Accredited Enterprise Nation and Facebook Trainer for Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I will be going out to Dublin for training in the very near future, but in the meantime I am launching the first event on International Women’s Day.

This meet-up is part of the Facebook She Means Business campaign. Enterprise Nation is running a series of nationwide female founder meet-ups to inspire creativity, empower confidence and educate on how to best utilise Facebook and Instagram to grow your business.”

Facebook Trainer Events

Here are the details of our Newcastle International Womens Day meet up.

“Female founder meet-up, in celebration of International Women’s Day!

Join small business community Enterprise Nation and Amanda Dixon, founder of North East Social Media for a fun and friendly networking meet-up, as part of the Facebook She Means Business campaign.

Bring your social media questions and business cards and come away hearing other start-up stories from other relatable ladies in business, making valuable contacts and even gaining a potential collaboration opportunity.”

If you would be like to be kept up to date with our workshops please sign up on our workshops page 

Questions about the event?  Please feel free to email me or you could join my Facebook Group for answers to any social media issues.


Facebook Training Whitley Bay

Facebook Training Whitley Bay

I have delivered Facebook Training for many businesses in Whitley Bay mainly through the program at The Business Factory in North Shields.

There are some fantastic new businesses about in Whitley Bay, have you seen them opening?

I am proud to say that I am now the only person in the North East of England who is qualified to delivery Facebook Training!  That’s right, I took and exam, attending a 2 day train the trainer session with Facebook and am now a Lead Trainer.

Businesses in Whitley Bay – Facebook Training

Gail from Happy Planet Creative Arts CIC in Whitley Bay, attended my Facebook Workshop in North Shields and then had some 121 training.

In the first instance there was no way she wanted to use Facebook.  She hated Facebook (and she is not alone).

Facebook Confidence

By attending course and training Gail’s confidence grew. Understanding Facebook, it’s complex mechanism, how the software actually works, started to give her the confidence she need.

Facebook is a fantastic tool for marketing. If you understand how Facebook works, you’ll then be able to create engaging posts.  You’ll get the interaction you need to get your desired reach.

Look how fantastic Gail’s page is now.

She has over 600 people who have like her Facebook Page and fabulous Interaction.

Facebook Training Whitley Bay, North East Social Media, Amanda Dixon

This lovely  lot came to my blogging workshop today.

They have very patiently sat, while I demonstrated to them, how to create a blog and optimize it.

I’m really looking forward to seeing all their updates and hope they share them with me.

When you are out and about in Whitley Bay make sure you check out these other fabulous businesses.  They have all had Facebook Training.

Facebook Training Whitley Bay, Tribe

Whitley Bay have some fantastic new businesses.

Facebook Training Whitley Bay, Pop Up Childcare Company

Businesses based in North Tyneside you may be able to access these courses funded by North Tyneside Council.  If you are out of region please sign up to receive details of my upcoming Facebook Workshops.


Live Streaming from your Facebook Business Page

Do you have the ability yet to Live Stream from your Facebook Business Page, not just through a mobile device, but through your laptop or desktop?

What are the benefits of Live Streaming from your Facebook Business Page?

Scaredy-cat, live streaming on Facebook, North East Social Media

If you’re a scaredy-cat and keep thinking about using Facebook Live, but you keep chickening out, now is the time to embrace it! Start live streaming from your Facebook Business Page.

Live video is raw, pretty much unrehearsed – having said that you can plan your stream and many people follow notes throughout – bullet points to remind them what point it is that they want to get across.  Facebook is giving priority to Live Streaming updates – ensuring that as many people as possible are notified that you are currently Live Streaming and the reach is fantastic.

Live streaming will help you to grow your audience organically – increasing your likes on your Facebook Business Page,  without having to pay for it!  Live streaming from your Facebook Business Page will make your audience feel like they are connecting with you – putting a face to the name, showing them that there is a real person behind the business. It’s the start of enabling people to feel like they know you, trust you, want to do business with you!

The fact that you can now Live Stream from your Facebook Business Page directly from your laptop or desktop will really help people, those that worry the screen would be too shaky (yes I’ve heard that as an excuse), if they had to hold their phone, pointing it at themselves, whilst streaming. Many people are happier, sitting at their desks, talking to their webcam, as let’s face it, many people are used to this speaking on Skype.

So, now is the time to check to see whether or not you have the facility to Live Stream from your Facebook Business Page from your laptop or desktop. This is what you are looking for –

Facebook Live Icon on your desktop

You may need to click on the button that says “see all” to find the tab. If nothing is displaying at the moment, sit tight, it’s on its way!

Best Tips & Tricks for Live Streaming From Your Facebook Business Page

Now I could list the tips & tricks for you, for there are many, but instead, I will direct you to the wonderful Facebook Help Section which lists them all for you!

By the way, when you have completed your Live Stream on Facebook, and saved it to your Facebook Business Page, you could always embed it in to your website too – just a thought….