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Social Media Marketing

The majority of businesses now understand the need for social media marketing.

Why Social Media Marketing Is So Important

Some people are still sceptical of social media’s importance. But this is mainly because they are looking at it from a personal perspective rather than as a business owner.

Similarly some people believe that social media is a waste of time. They don’t see the value in sharing their thoughts and pictures with the world.

You may have found that in the past social media hasn’t been effective for you. But have you been using it correctly?

Your Potential audience

Social Media Marketing, North East Social Media

Take Instagram for example. Instagram has over 1.386 billion active users. Furthermore it’s not going away anytime soon. If you’re not using social media to grow your business, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Facebook have 2.853 billion active users!

It can be hard to get started and even harder to figure out how to use social media marketing tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin effectively.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you and your employees are properly trained when it comes to social media.

Social Media Training For Your Business

Social media users are everywhere. Moreover they’re on every device and in every country. It is the most powerful marketing tool available today for entrepreneurs looking to connect with potential customers or companies trying to engage with their past and current clients.

It might not seem like it, but those cute pictures that you post on Instagram or Facebook will give you a chance to engage with your customers and followers.

Take a look a our Facebook & Instagram  accounts. Meet Xena & Thor our furry employees! The more personal you are on these accounts the more engaging your audience are with your posts. And why post some personal content? Because you are introducing people to the person behind the business.

People Buy From People they Know, Like and Trust


Social Media Training Near Me

North East Social Media can help your business get the most out of popular platforms. We’ll create a custom strategy that fits with your goals and budget so you can see real results in no time. Businesses of all kinds and sizes can grow faster and generate more leads with the right social media strategy.

I have attended 3 online training sessions with Amanda on website CEO, social media and marketing plans. All 3 were excellent! Amanda has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I would highly recommend her.

Angela Rayne – Sunderland Enterprise Park Management

We provide a range of services that will help you get more out of your social media channels. From managing your accounts, content creation and training, we’ll take care of everything for you so you can concentrate on what’s important – your business!

North East Training

We’ve got you covered at North East Social Media. Book a session just for your business. Our 121 sessions are deilvered on Zoom. We log in to your accounts and fix them while teaching you! Nothing set up? Not a problem we can set your accounts up for your while we train you too.

For a 3 hour session we charge £295 + VAT and can create a training plan specifically for you. Everyone learns at a different speed. In different ways and we adapt so it can work for you.

Our 121 sessions can be for your whole team! Or you might want to keep all that knowledge to yourself! The choice is yours.

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