Accredited Enterprise Nation Facebook Trainer

Accredited Enterprise Nation Facebook Trainer

How excited do you think I was when I was asked to be an accredited Enterprise Nation and Facebook Trainer.

Before Christmas Enterprise Nation contacted me and asked if I would like to work with them and Facebook on their #SheMeansBusiness Campaign.

I had an interview and was then put on a short-list which was sent through to Facebook, for them to decide who they would like to work with on this campaign.

Accredited Enterprise Nation Facebook Trainer Newcastle

Well I was over the moon when the email arrived that I had been chosen as the Accredited Enterprise Nation and Facebook Trainer for Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I will be going out to Dublin for training in the very near future, but in the meantime I am launching the first event on International Women’s Day.

This meet-up is part of the Facebook She Means Business campaign. Enterprise Nation is running a series of nationwide female founder meet-ups to inspire creativity, empower confidence and educate on how to best utilise Facebook and Instagram to grow your business.”

Facebook Trainer Events

Here are the details of our Newcastle International Womens Day meet up.

“Female founder meet-up, in celebration of International Women’s Day!

Join small business community Enterprise Nation and Amanda Dixon, founder of North East Social Media for a fun and friendly networking meet-up, as part of the Facebook She Means Business campaign.

Bring your social media questions and business cards and come away hearing other start-up stories from other relatable ladies in business, making valuable contacts and even gaining a potential collaboration opportunity.”

If you would be like to be kept up to date with our workshops please sign up on our workshops page 

Questions about the event?  Please feel free to email me or you could join my Facebook Group for answers to any social media issues.


Social Listening

Social Listening – North East Social Media Training

What is Social Listening?  Social listening is something you may have heard about.  It’s all good and well concentrating on what your next Facebook post will be. Planning which tweets you are going to send out today. Both of these will help to raise your brand awareness and profile.

But have you thought about using Social Media and taking the time to listen to what’s being said about you.

Social Listening – Monitoring

social monitoring, north east social media training

You can check your notifications on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc to see if you have been tagged in any posts.

That is the whole point of the @ key.  It is a function key to “name” someone on socila media.  You can also use those search bars to see if anyone, who may not have tagged you, is talking about you.

Google Alerts for Social Listening

Set up Google Alerts for yourself and your Company name.  Use keywords surrounding your industry.

When creating your Google Alert you can decide the frequency, that is how often you want to be alerted by editing your alert.

This way, if you are ever mentioned in a news article, a blog, or anywhere else on the Internet, you would receive an email linking you to that article thus not missing important information.

Further Listening

Find people who are already established and well known in your Industry.  Not only will this ensure that you are keeping up with Industry news and changes, it will also give ideas for content.

LIST your top influences – and make sure you check them regularly.

LIST your main industry keywords too and keep an eye on conversations around them too.

By Social Listening you can really learn what’s happeing around you and ensure you are keeping up to date with what is being said about you.

If you would like information about our Social Media Training Workshops in the North East please sign up on our Workshops Page

Please make sure you have joined my group on Facebook for further tips and updates.


Facebook Training Whitley Bay

Facebook Training Whitley Bay

I have delivered Facebook Training for many businesses in Whitley Bay mainly through the program at The Business Factory in North Shields.

There are some fantastic new businesses about in Whitley Bay, have you seen them opening?

I am proud to say that I am now the only person in the North East of England who is qualified to delivery Facebook Training!  That’s right, I took and exam, attending a 2 day train the trainer session with Facebook and am now a Lead Trainer.

Businesses in Whitley Bay – Facebook Training

Gail from Happy Planet Creative Arts CIC in Whitley Bay, attended my Facebook Workshop in North Shields and then had some 121 training.

In the first instance there was no way she wanted to use Facebook.  She hated Facebook (and she is not alone).

Facebook Confidence

By attending course and training Gail’s confidence grew. Understanding Facebook, it’s complex mechanism, how the software actually works, started to give her the confidence she need.

Facebook is a fantastic tool for marketing. If you understand how Facebook works, you’ll then be able to create engaging posts.  You’ll get the interaction you need to get your desired reach.

Look how fantastic Gail’s page is now.

She has over 600 people who have like her Facebook Page and fabulous Interaction.

Facebook Training Whitley Bay, North East Social Media, Amanda Dixon

This lovely  lot came to my blogging workshop today.

They have very patiently sat, while I demonstrated to them, how to create a blog and optimize it.

I’m really looking forward to seeing all their updates and hope they share them with me.

When you are out and about in Whitley Bay make sure you check out these other fabulous businesses.  They have all had Facebook Training.

Facebook Training Whitley Bay, Tribe

Whitley Bay have some fantastic new businesses.

Facebook Training Whitley Bay, Pop Up Childcare Company

Businesses based in North Tyneside you may be able to access these courses funded by North Tyneside Council.  If you are out of region please sign up to receive details of my upcoming Facebook Workshops.


National Awareness Days August 2017

National Awareness Days, August 2017, 145 days until Christmas

Well goodbye July, hello August!  Can you believe it’s the 1st August already – and you know what that means it’s just

145 days until Christmas

I know you really wanted to know that!

National Awareness Days August 2017

It’s that time of the month to let you know about some of the National Awareness Days August 2017 – great content for you to schedule in advance for your social media posts. Many of these are likely to become trending topics on Twitter.


To start with, today, 1st August 2017 is the start of #worldbreastfeedingweek  You may have seen it mentioned on the news this morning. It’s amazing how few mothers in the UK do breast feed now and I believe this campaign is to encourage more to do so.  If you want to get involved in the conversation make sure you use the hashtag.

Tomorrow, 2nd August, is “Playday” which occurs every year on the 1st Wednesday in August.  This campaign has been created to celebrate the importance of Play in children’s lives – and by playing I guess they don’t mean sitting infront of a computer screen or an iPad. #PlayDay

There are a few #internationalfriendshipday ‘s online, but some countries do celebrate this on the first Sunday in August – Sunday 6th August.  Tag your friends and tell them why they are so important to you.

Here’s one that you can use boundless images and gifs for – #InternationalCatDay on the 8th August. That should be a fun one, especially if you have any mad cat lady friends (like I have).

August 12th is International Youth Day #InternationalYouthDay – this was first set up in the year 2000 by the United Nations. There’s a new theme each year and the idea is to help draw attention to different youth issues in the World.

Definitely one for the photographers – August 19th, is not only my babies birthday (eek he’s going to be 18), but it is also going to be #WorldPhotoDay  Celebrate by sharing some of your favourite photo’s


National and Awareness Days in July 2017

Hello there.  Can you believe how awful the weather turned at the back end of June – we’ve gone from one extreme to another haven’t we #BritishSummer has been flitted about Twitter quite a bit that’s for sure.  So once againI thought I would do a quick post about National and Awareness Days in July 2017 – I’m continually asked for advice on content and using these days, which will more than likely trend on Twitter, is definitely a good idea.

National and Awareness Days in July 2017

So here we go a selection of National and Awareness Days in July 2017 for you to use in your posts.

1st July is #InternationalReggaeDay  You can link to this website – for content for your tweets.  There are over 30 free stock images on that represent Reggae and I am sure if you take a look at animated gif’s you’ll find plenty to amuse there too.  You could Google some facts about Bob Marley and tweet them too, using the hashtag #InternationalReggaeDay

3rd July brings the start of #SarcomaAwarenessWeek  You’ll find some information, explaining all about Saarcoma, on this excellent website  These awareness days are excellent, helping people to understand conditions and show them where they might find help and information.

4th July – well I think there will be one main topic trending on this day #IndependenceDay but there could well be more than one trending hashtag on the subject #HappyIndependenceDay #Happy4thJuly #IndependenceDayUSA etc

Awareness and National Days July 2017, Don't step on a bee day

You’ll love this one.  10th of July we’ll be celebrating #DontStepOnABeeDay  Why? To raise profiles and support bee keepers and also to ask that you get involved in the Great British Bee Count – yes I said Bee Count, not Bake Off!  Have a look here 

Friends of the Earth have even got a downloadable PDF to show you how to build a Bee Hotel – oh yes, a bee hotel.  Why not build it, photograph it, upload it to Twitter and use the hashtag #DontStepOnABeeDay

Build A Bee Hotel

Click on this link for some Honey Bee Facts you could use for your tweets.

11th July is #WorldPopulationDay  15th July will be World Youth Skills Day #SkillsForAll  and this year, for all you fishery people, National Fishing Month starts on the 22nd July until the 29th August – don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalFishingMonth to show us what you’ve caught.

22nd July is National Marine Week #NationalMarineWeek  24th July is #SamaritansAwarenessDay 

National and Awareness Days July 2017, National Tequila Day

You can then expect it to get a bit messy as going to be #NationalTequilaDay on the 24th July – a whole day to celebrate Tequila.  It is at this point that I must reiterate the fact that you should NEVER drink and Tweet!

Do you know that in Mexico Tequila is drunk neat with no added lime or salt

Do you know that Tequila is made from the Agave plant which is actually in the lily family and is not a cactus

Did you know that worms are prohibited in Tequila bottles but may be present in Mezcal

The 29th July is the NSPCC Messathon day –

And finally, the 30th July is #WorldFriendshipDay – what a fab day to end with!  Make sure you shout out to your friends on this day – all day


National Days In June 2017

National Days in June 2017

I’ve created this post today to give you the heads up about National Days in June 2017 that are likely to trend, particularly on Twitter.

Social Media Content

When looking for Social Media Content I quite often head over to Twitter to see what is trending, when I am looking for content for my daily Social Media posts. This morning, Tuesday 6th June, #TuesdayMotivation is trending – and I imagine by later on this morning that will be alongside #TuesdayThoughts

Why use Hashtags?

National Days in June 2017, hashtags

The reason you should be using relevant hashtags and getting involved in “trending” topics is quite simply for reach!

By adding a hashtag to a post, you are reaching out, not only to your followers but also to people who may be outside your circle, who are interested in that particular topic.

trending conversation is the “most talked about” conversation happening online AT THAT MOMENT.  People follow conversations by hashtags and it is a great way to raise your profile.

Content for June 2017 – National Days and Hashtags

So here goes – a few of my favourites for June.

Thursday 8th June, 2017  –  National Best Friends Day #BestFriendsDay  Go on, post a picture of you and your Best Friend and show them some appreciation.

World Oceans Day, National Days June 2017

It’s also World Oceans Day and you can use the hashtag #WorldOceansDay  Not sure what to post?

Why not Google “Facts about Oceans”

Did you know that the largest ocean on Earth is the Pacific Ocean and it covers a whopping 30% of the Earth’s surface #WorldOceansDay

Wednesday 14th June, 2017 – National Flag Day use the hashtag #FlagDay  It’s also World Blood Donor Day #Giveblood

Sunday 18th June, 2017 – One we can’t forget #FathersDay

Wednesday 21st June, 2017 – this is the first day of Summer and also #InternationalYogDay #NationalSelfieDay and #WorldMusicDay – take your pick!

Take your dog to work day, National Days June 2017

Friday 23rd June, 2017 – now this one is my favourite I’m not sure how feasible this is going to be for me, but I will be looking in to the logistics, its #TakeYourDogToWorkDay  I’m sure Thor would love it

Tuesday 27th June, 2017  #NationalSunglassesDay

Thursday 29th June, 2017  – Use #HandShakeDay to post about National Handshake Day

Friday 30th June, 2017  #SMDay for Social Media Day

Have fun with your posts and feel free to tag me in them if you’d like a re-tweet.


Social Media Training North Tyneside – No Phone Zone

Social Media Training North Tyneside – No Phone Zone

North Tyneside Social Media Training, No Phone, Zone

I get to meet some fabulous people with amazing businesses in my role as North Tyneside Council’s Social Media Specialist for The Business Factory in North Shields so I thought it was about time I started telling you about them!

For example, last Friday I had the pleasure of training Dr. Martin Lee and his wife Jen. Dr. Lee is a consultant  rheumatologist working in Newcastle and he has recently set up his own company and with good reason!  Dr. Lee created the concept of no phone zone based upon his reflections that smartphone overuse (particularly at bedtime & during the night) appears to be having negative effects on his patient’s physical and psychological health – and from a parental point of view I cannot argue!

No Phone Zone, North Tyneside

Dr Martin Lee, Theresa May, nras healthcare champion award

Dr. Lee is a fantastic blogger and has released some fabulous articles on his website such as “are smartphones bad for students”  and “do you know what apps are on your child’s smartphone?” take a look – if your child has yellow on their phone you will want to remove it!

He has also recently been featured in the News Guardian  and has had an article published in The New Scientist  Dr Lee has also recently received an NRAS Healthcare Champion Award presented to him by Prime Minister, Theresa May and Ailsa Bosworth MBE.

What is No Phone Zone?

No Phone Zone is a drawstring bag, a high quality canvas drawstring bag.  The idea is that you purchase these bags and leave them hanging, for example, in your kitchen and you encourage your family to all place their phones in to the bag before meal time.  Imagine the interaction!

Also, if you bought these bags for your children, you could get them to leave them hanging outside their bedrooms.  You will find an improvement in their sleep patterns, in their overall behaviour.

Did you see the article in The Times at the beginning of February?  “Smartphones blamed for the rise in child road deaths” We need to stop youngsters from becoming ‘smombies’

No Phone Zone – Canvas Bag

So here’s where you can get these fab No Phone Zone Canvas Bag’s

Please also connect with No Phone Zone on Twitter   –  @yournophonezone  and on Facebook –

Drop them a tweet and give this fab new company some #TwitterSupport  or pop by on Facebook and say hi. Remember they are new to Social Media so really could do with your help and interaction.  It’s always fantastic to help new local Start Ups here in North Shields 


North East Social Media North Shields

North East Social Media have arrived in North Shields. For 3 weeks I have been planning on writing this blog, and now at 11pm on a Friday evening I have finally found the time!

Well it has been an extremely busy few weeks to say the least. This has included a big move from my office of nearly 3 and a half years. I’ve moved from Team Valley and am now at the North Tyneside Business Centre.

North East Social Media | North Shields

I can’t believe how quickly the office has felt like “home”.  The reasons I moved North East Social Media to North Shields was twofold really.  Firstly, I was at The Business Centre most of the week, working with North Tyneside Businesses at The Business Factory and secondly my youngest, Andy, managed to find himself an apprenticeship at a Print Company based at Silverlink. Being the soft mother that I am, I told him that if he was successful in getting the apprenticeship I would give him a lift to work.  Imagine my delight when he received his contract with his starting time of 07:30 – yes 07.30! He starts on Monday, so it’s new routines for us all!

North East Social Media – North Tyneside Business Centre

So, this is how it all looks inside the office.

Mind you, these pictures were taken 3 weeks ago and my desk might be a little more chaotic now. It’s amazing how much “stuff” you accumulate over the years.  I couldn’t believe I filled a van – when I say I, I did supervise, but my husband and my 2 boys did all the filling, and loading and unloading and carrying.  I waited patiently, sitting on a chair, next to the van, observing / supervising.

Social Media Training North Shields

So, I am now delivering Social Media training for both my private client’s from all over the North East and for North Tyneside Start-ups and existing North Tyneside businesses through North Tyneside Council’s The Business Factory and I am loving it.  In the last week alone I have delivered 2 Social Media Workshops and worked with a variety of established businesses in 121 sessions:-

  • A Flooring Contractor
  • A Utilities Consultant
  • A Reiki Master
  • A Beauty Salon Owner
  • A Public Speaking Specialist
  • An HR & Recruitment Consultancy and
  • A Jewellery Designer

I love the variety and the different challenge each session brings.

If you would like to hear about our upcoming workshops, please make sure you sign up on our Workshop Page

In Other Social Media News

In other Social Media News – what do you think of the new LinkedIn layout – if you haven’t got it yet, it’s on its way….. I will of course love it, I need to, to make you love it too, I’ll be happier when it finally settles down, bug free, so we all know what we are doing with it! First impressions, if they bring back a few of the missing parts that we used to know and love, it should be a more effective and certainly easier to navigate the platform.

In Other News

I nearly forgot! Guess who hit the big 50 on the 4th February! I had a lovely time with the family, 22 of us had a fabulous meal at the Eslington Villa and I have a few things planned to come, spread out over the year.  Well come on, surely it should be 50 celebrations for the 50th year! Celebrations include, a treat from my friend Joanna with a spa day at Slaley Hall; a cream tea for 2 at Lumley Castle, a night away with 14 lovely ladies at a venue in Allendale oh yes and my first ever trip to Benidorm with the girls at the end of April – now that should be interesting!


Live Streaming from your Facebook Business Page

Do you have the ability yet to Live Stream from your Facebook Business Page, not just through a mobile device, but through your laptop or desktop?

What are the benefits of Live Streaming from your Facebook Business Page?

Scaredy-cat, live streaming on Facebook, North East Social Media

If you’re a scaredy-cat and keep thinking about using Facebook Live, but you keep chickening out, now is the time to embrace it! Start live streaming from your Facebook Business Page.

Live video is raw, pretty much unrehearsed – having said that you can plan your stream and many people follow notes throughout – bullet points to remind them what point it is that they want to get across.  Facebook is giving priority to Live Streaming updates – ensuring that as many people as possible are notified that you are currently Live Streaming and the reach is fantastic.

Live streaming will help you to grow your audience organically – increasing your likes on your Facebook Business Page,  without having to pay for it!  Live streaming from your Facebook Business Page will make your audience feel like they are connecting with you – putting a face to the name, showing them that there is a real person behind the business. It’s the start of enabling people to feel like they know you, trust you, want to do business with you!

The fact that you can now Live Stream from your Facebook Business Page directly from your laptop or desktop will really help people, those that worry the screen would be too shaky (yes I’ve heard that as an excuse), if they had to hold their phone, pointing it at themselves, whilst streaming. Many people are happier, sitting at their desks, talking to their webcam, as let’s face it, many people are used to this speaking on Skype.

So, now is the time to check to see whether or not you have the facility to Live Stream from your Facebook Business Page from your laptop or desktop. This is what you are looking for –

Facebook Live Icon on your desktop

You may need to click on the button that says “see all” to find the tab. If nothing is displaying at the moment, sit tight, it’s on its way!

Best Tips & Tricks for Live Streaming From Your Facebook Business Page

Now I could list the tips & tricks for you, for there are many, but instead, I will direct you to the wonderful Facebook Help Section which lists them all for you!

By the way, when you have completed your Live Stream on Facebook, and saved it to your Facebook Business Page, you could always embed it in to your website too – just a thought….


Blocking on Facebook

Hello there. I am often asked about blocking on Facebook. This along with many other questions on my Facebook Business Page  .

What I love about these questions is the fact that they give me content for my Social Media blog! I’ve realised if someone does ask a question, there may well be other thinking about the same thing so I may as well create a blog with the answer. So here we go with a frequent question:-

Blocking on Facebook – How do you block someone from a Facebook Page?

Block someone from Facebook Page, North East Social Media with Amanda Dixon

The person asked “How do I block someone from my business page? I can only seem to do it through my personal profile, so will this also cover the business page? Kind Regards J”

Well the first thing to understand is if you do ban someone from your business page, it will just stop them from being able to write on your page, or like and comment on your post. It will stop them from being able to privately message you too –  it WILL NOT however block them from seeing what you are posting, unfortunately, neither will it block them from being able to share your post elsewhere on Facebook.

Your Facebook Business Page is Public, and to be honest, even if it did work in such a way that you were able to block someone so that they couldn’t see your content, they would always be able to log on to someone else’s account and access your information that way.

So your options on Facebook are to either …..

Remove or ban someone from your Facebook Page

If you were to remove someone from your page, they would no longer “like” your page, but that wouldn’t stop them from “liking” it again. Why would you remove someone? Well quite simply it would stop your status updates and posts appearing in their News Feeds or the News Feeds of their friends. But, as I mentioned above, your page is public, so if they realise they no longer “like” your page, they can like it once again.

What happens when I ban someone?

If you ban someone from your page, it will stop them from interacting with you, as I mentioned above. Banning is particularly useful if you have someone who continually tries to spam on your page, sell their products/services etc without your permission. Banning them will stop them from being able to do this.

In answer to the question as to whether blocking someone from your personal profile also blocks them from your business page I’m afraid the answer is NO.

So here’s how you do it (you have a couple of options).

Firstly, click on settings and then choose People and Other Pages in the left column.

Ban People from your Facebook Business Page, North East Social Media, Amanda Dixon

Click the small box to the left of the person you want to ban and then click the cog on the right hand side, which gives you the option of what to do with this person.

Actions on People who have liked your page, Amanda Dixon, North East Social Media

Your options here are to a) Assign a Page Role (ie make Admin) b) Remove from Page Likes (as mentioned above) or c) Ban from page. If you click on Ban from Page a box will appear with the person’s name for you to confirm your action.

You can also carry out this same action, i.e. banning or blocking someone from your page, from your Page if the person has commented – click the downward arrow next to the post and click hide post, then choose the option to ban. Likewise, from the same downward arrow  you can ban people from your message centre or Visitor Posts.  You have the option to ban them anywhere.

Blocking on Facebook – Conclusion

So in conclusion, blocking on Facebook will stop the person from interacting with your posts, but wll not stop them from seeing what you do.

I am sure this answer wasn’t exactly the answer you wanted, but at least you are now aware.

Take a look at my other blogs and see if they answer any of your questions, or maybe even answer things you hadn’t even thought about.

Please feel free to ask any Social Media questions you may have on my Facebook Page. It really does help me with blog content!