Keeping an eye on competitors on Facebook

Are you missing a trick on Facebook? Do you find yourself searching for the competition to see how well they are performing each month or sporadically? Are you aware that you can “watch” your competitors on Facebook? It’s a fabulous feature and an easy way to quickly compare how well your page is doing in comparison to theirs.

Where is the Page Watch Feature on Facebook?

To access this “Page Watch Feature” go to insights and to the overview page.

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Watching Competitors on Facebook, Facebook Marketing Team Valley, Social Media Workshop Team Valley

Scroll down the Overview page and under your 5 most recent posts section you will see “pages to watch”

Click on the Add Pages button and type in the details of the pages you would like to watch. You can watch up to 6.

Watching competitors on Facebook, Social Media Training Newcastle,Facebook Workshop Newcastle

You can see the comparison on page likes from the last 7 days. Amount of times you have posted compared to them and the amount of engagement you have had compared to them on your posts.

Use this. Learn from this. Create your social media strategy for the following week from this.  See how you can improve your Facebook marketing. Don’t copy your competitors, be better. This facility may just spur you in to action.  Now I don’t ever expect to overtake Social Media Examiner on likes or Engagement, however percentage wise, I’m not too far behind them on improvement. So what do I need to learn from this report today? I need to create more posts and ensure that these posts are engaging.

Do let me know if this has helped you in any way, and let me know how you get on.

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