Does my Business need a Facebook Business Page?

The question as to whether or not a business needs a business page on Facebook is asked to me over and over again and there really is one clear answer … YES

Facebook Business Pages

It’s important to know that there are now 400 Million Global users on Facebook and this figure continues to grow. 37,000,000 of these users are aged 18 – 65+ and live in the UK.  If you trade in the UK there, straight away, you have access to these 37,000,000 people for advertising purposes.

If you trade more locally, for example here in the North East, you can target your advertising and using the same age demographic you will find  1,600,000 people in an 80km radius of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Facebook is a fantastic way to engage with your target audience – because reaching that target is made so easy for you.

How long do people stay on Facebook?

This is quite an amazing one.  Way back when I first started delivering Facebook Workshops in the North East I remember telling people that people spent up to 15 minutes a day, on average, on Facebook – and that was in itself, at the time (about 8 years ago), quite an amazing statistic – a long time for someone to spend on a “website”. Now, however that average time has increased to 55 minutes.  That’s 55 minutes of looking back through a newsfeed, reading posts, searching for people, businesses, products etc.

Did you know that the average person on Facebook has 130 friends, and if someone interacts with your post, that post can potentially reach all of their connections (friends). The act of them liking your post or commenting on your post, is recorded in their friends “tickers” and may appear on their friends newsfeeds too. Now each of these people, spending their 55 minutes per day on Facebook, also happen to “like” and addition 4 new Facebook Business Pages per month.  Let your business be one of their 4!

How do I get more free likes on Facebook?

Well the most important thing you can do is create interesting content. Use media such as video or upload photo’s.  Refrain from using just text only posts. Why? Because they aren’t visual, can appear quite boring, and will be way down on the edgeranker when it comes to the software choosing which posts will be seen.

The best thing you can do is create Engaging Content.  Content that people want to click “like” on or “comment on” or click that share button.

Don’t listen to the moaners!

You will hear people all the time complaining that their organic (free) reach has dropped on Facebook because Facebook want you to pay for every post.  This absolutely is not true.  If you create interesting engaging posts, real content that your audience would really have an interest in and want to engage with, you will see your reach number rocket! And it doesn’t cost a penny.  Just your time and some thought.

North East Facebook Workshops

I deliver Facebook Workshops here at my office on Team Valley and have recently reduced the class size down to 5, so that I can give each individual attendee some really specific coaching. People walk away from the workshops with an excellent understanding of how Facebook actually works – understand that, and you will understand how and what you should post (even when you should post). If after this course you are still struggling with content creating with have a…

Social Media Strategy and Content Workshop

Where we talk about what you can talk about that will be creative and engagement.

If you would like some help, do give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help.  It may not be that Facebook is your main platform, but I would still advise you to have a presence for searchability. You may be better of doing daily posts on your LinkedIn Company profile and just posting once a week on Facebook, but I do believe you still must have that presence so you are not missing out on that huge potential audience.

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