Facebook Workshops

This Facebook Workshop is Limited to 4 People

Facebook is a fantastic Social Media platform you can use, for free, to raise your brand awareness and establish your brand personality. It’s a wonderful Social Media platform to use to inform, educate and engage with your clients and potential clients.

For Facebook to truly work for you it is imperative for you to completely understand its rather complex mechanism. Once you understand this, everything will make sense!

Facebook Workshop for North East Businesses

In this hands on workshop we will cover:

  • How Facebook works
    • Personal Profiles
    • Groups
    • Business Pages
  • How to set up your Facebook page correctly and ensure it is fully optimised for SEO purposes
  • Practical hints and tips including setting up Auto-responders in your message centre.
  • What to post – Engagement is King!
    • How to post
    • When to post   
    • Images & Video                                                               
  • Understanding Facebook’s Analytics and Insights
  • Measuring your Facebook success
  • Facebook Advertising – to boost or not to boost

Who is this North East Facebook Workshop for?

This Facebook workshop is for any business in the North East, regardless of size, who would like to raise their Company profile and brand awareness. This North East Facebook workshop will be ideal for both beginners and businesses who “don’t think they are getting it right” or “don’t think Facebook works for them”.

What will you achieve by attending this Facebook Workshop?

At the end of this session you will:-

  • Have a fully optimised Facebook Business Page
  • An excellent understanding of Facebook’s mechanism
  • Be able to market your business effectively and efficiently on Facebook
  • Have an ability to measure your Facebook success