How are you going to use Pokemon Go for marketing your business ?

Pokemon Go Marketing for North East Businesses

Here was me, thinking I was going to have a quiet morning in the office, but oh no, visitors kept on popping in.  Here’s a couple of them – Pidgey and Weedle.

No doubt, by now, you have heard about the game Pokemon Go – the app that not only children, plenty of adults too, are downloading and playing.  The game itself works in conjunction with your mobile’s camera and GPS system, so it tracks where you are walking and when there are Pokemon about up pops your camera and it appears there is a Pokemon in front of you.

To save me giving you a big long tutorial on how to play the game, here’s the first trailer, released over a year ago, explaining how the game works and there are plenty more now where that came from!  Have a look on YouTube if you need any help playing the game.

Now I’m not suggesting you and all your employees download the Pokemon Go up and start to play at work – that could be a nightmare and nothing would get done, however there are ways you can use Pokemon Go in your marketing.

Using Pokemon Go for Marketing

Think about it.  The demographic for people using this app is HUGE.  First of all find out if your building is Pokestop or Gym – if it is you’re laughing.  You will have a stream of people coming to your venue / office to stock up on eggs and energy all things to extend your gameplay. If this is the case make sure you have some signage up. Why not get people to upload a screen capture of the Pokemon they are catching outside your venue (with your signage in the background) – offer an incentive to people who post their images on your Facebook page, or tag their location whilst uploading their image to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Look at some of these fab local North East posts on Twitter

If you aren’t lucky enough to be a Pokestop or Pokegym – there’s still no reason not to join in. Think of other ways you can include the hashtags in your post. Find the nearest point to you and tweet to people, if your visiting the “named” Pokestop today, why not pop in and get “something nice”, we’re only around the corner.

You could always use one of your Lures – they encourage Pokemon in the area to come to you for a period of time! If you are going to use this method, plan it, promote it, make sure everyone knows about it. (You can earn Lures ~ or buy them!)

So, what do you need to think about when coming up with ways of bring this in to your marketing strategy? You need to weigh up the pro’s and cons and really think about this.

  1. How are you going to turn the players in to customers?
  2. What are you going to offer?
  3. Is it safe for your to do this where you are based?  (Businesses on a busy road – potentially attracting children – have a think about it)
  4. Will Pokemon players coming to your premises be welcomed or disruptive (have a think about your neighbours)

Pokemon Go Hashtags

#Gottacatchemall #PokemonGo #Pokeballs #Pokestop  and of course if you want to connect with Pokemon users of Twitter near you, search for these hashtags, click on more and then choose “everyone” “near you” and all their tweets will come up.

Good luck with Pokemon Training!

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