National and Awareness Days in July 2017

Hello there.  Can you believe how awful the weather turned at the back end of June – we’ve gone from one extreme to another haven’t we #BritishSummer has been flitted about Twitter quite a bit that’s for sure.  So once againI thought I would do a quick post about National and Awareness Days in July 2017 – I’m continually asked for advice on content and using these days, which will more than likely trend on Twitter, is definitely a good idea.

National and Awareness Days in July 2017

So here we go a selection of National and Awareness Days in July 2017 for you to use in your posts.

1st July is #InternationalReggaeDay  You can link to this website – www.visitjamaica.com for content for your tweets.  There are over 30 free stock images on Pixabay.com that represent Reggae and I am sure if you take a look at animated gif’s you’ll find plenty to amuse there too.  You could Google some facts about Bob Marley and tweet them too, using the hashtag #InternationalReggaeDay

3rd July brings the start of #SarcomaAwarenessWeek  You’ll find some information, explaining all about Saarcoma, on this excellent website www.sarcoma.org.uk  These awareness days are excellent, helping people to understand conditions and show them where they might find help and information.

4th July – well I think there will be one main topic trending on this day #IndependenceDay but there could well be more than one trending hashtag on the subject #HappyIndependenceDay #Happy4thJuly #IndependenceDayUSA etc

Awareness and National Days July 2017, Don't step on a bee day

You’ll love this one.  10th of July we’ll be celebrating #DontStepOnABeeDay  Why? To raise profiles and support bee keepers and also to ask that you get involved in the Great British Bee Count – yes I said Bee Count, not Bake Off!  Have a look here 

Friends of the Earth have even got a downloadable PDF to show you how to build a Bee Hotel – oh yes, a bee hotel.  Why not build it, photograph it, upload it to Twitter and use the hashtag #DontStepOnABeeDay

Build A Bee Hotel

Click on this link for some Honey Bee Facts you could use for your tweets.

11th July is #WorldPopulationDay  15th July will be World Youth Skills Day #SkillsForAll  and this year, for all you fishery people, National Fishing Month starts on the 22nd July until the 29th August – don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalFishingMonth to show us what you’ve caught.

22nd July is National Marine Week #NationalMarineWeek  24th July is #SamaritansAwarenessDay 

National and Awareness Days July 2017, National Tequila Day

You can then expect it to get a bit messy as going to be #NationalTequilaDay on the 24th July – a whole day to celebrate Tequila.  It is at this point that I must reiterate the fact that you should NEVER drink and Tweet!

Do you know that in Mexico Tequila is drunk neat with no added lime or salt

Do you know that Tequila is made from the Agave plant which is actually in the lily family and is not a cactus

Did you know that worms are prohibited in Tequila bottles but may be present in Mezcal

The 29th July is the NSPCC Messathon day – wwwww.nspcc.org.uk/what-you-can-do/events/messathon/

And finally, the 30th July is #WorldFriendshipDay – what a fab day to end with!  Make sure you shout out to your friends on this day – all day

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