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Social Listening – North East Social Media Training

What is Social Listening?  Social listening is something you may have heard about.  It’s all good and well concentrating on what your next Facebook post will be. Planning which tweets you are going to send out today. Both of these will help to raise your brand awareness and profile.

But have you thought about using Social Media and taking the time to listen to what’s being said about you.

Social Listening – Monitoring

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You can check your notifications on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

to see if you have been tagged in any posts.

That is the whole point of the @ key.  It is a function key to “name” someone on social media.  You can also use those search bars to see if anyone, who may not have tagged you, is talking about you.

Google Alerts for Social Listening

Set up Google Alerts for yourself and your Company name.  Use keywords surrounding your industry.

When creating your Google Alert you can decide the frequency, that is how often you want to be alerted by editing your alert.

This way, if you are ever mentioned in a:

  • news article
  • a blog
  • anywhere else on the Internet

You would receive an email linking you to that article thus not missing important information.

Further Listening

Find people who are already established and well known in your Industry.  Not only will this ensure that you are keeping up with Industry news and changes, it will also give ideas for content.

LIST your top influences – and make sure you check them regularly.

LIST your main industry keywords too and keep an eye on conversations around them too.

By Social Listening you can really learn what’s happeing around you and ensure you are keeping up to date with what is being said about you.

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