Social Media Training North Tyneside – No Phone Zone

Social Media Training North Tyneside – No Phone Zone

North Tyneside Social Media Training, No Phone, Zone

Social Media Training North Tyneside. I get to meet some fabulous people with amazing businesses in my role as North Tyneside Council’s Social Media Specialist for The Business Factory in North Shields so I thought it was about time I started telling you about them!

For example, last Friday I had the pleasure of training Dr. Martin Lee and his wife Jen. Dr. Lee is a consultant  rheumatologist working in Newcastle and he has recently set up his own company www.nophonezone.co.uk and with good reason!  Dr. Lee created the concept of no phone zone based upon his reflections that smartphone overuse (particularly at bedtime & during the night) appears to be having negative effects on his patient’s physical and psychological health – and from a parental point of view I cannot argue!

No Phone Zone, North Tyneside

Dr Martin Lee, Theresa May, nras healthcare champion award

Dr. Lee is a fantastic blogger and has released some fabulous articles on his website such as “are smartphones bad for students”  and “do you know what apps are on your child’s smartphone?” take a look – if your child has yellow on their phone you will want to remove it!

He has also recently been featured in the News Guardian  and has had an article published in The New Scientist  Dr Lee has also recently received an NRAS Healthcare Champion Award presented to him by Prime Minister, Theresa May and Ailsa Bosworth MBE.

What is No Phone Zone?

No Phone Zone is a drawstring bag, a high quality canvas drawstring bag.  The idea is that you purchase these bags and leave them hanging, for example, in your kitchen and you encourage your family to all place their phones in to the bag before meal time.  Imagine the interaction!

Also, if you bought these bags for your children, you could get them to leave them hanging outside their bedrooms.  You will find an improvement in their sleep patterns, in their overall behaviour.

Did you see the article in The Times at the beginning of February?  “Smartphones blamed for the rise in child road deaths” We need to stop youngsters from becoming ‘smombies’

No Phone Zone – Canvas Bag

So here’s where you can get these fab No Phone Zone Canvas Bag’s www.nophonezone.co.uk/shop/

Please also connect with No Phone Zone on Twitter   –  @yournophonezone  and on Facebook – www.facebook.com/yournophonezone

Drop them a tweet and give this fab new company some #TwitterSupport  or pop by on Facebook and say hi. Remember they are new to Social Media so really could do with your help and interaction.  It’s always fantastic to help new local Start Ups here in North Shields 

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