North East Social Media Team Grows - North East Social Media

North East Social Media Team Grows

North East Social Media, Donna

North East Social Media – Meet Donna

Our team is growing and I am so pleased to welcome Donna to North East Social Media.  Donna is coming on board to help me with social media management and hopefully, in the not too distant future, training too.

Donna and I met through The Business Factory project, when she was referred through to me for some 121 social media support for her business, Bubble Boots Football.  Now as you can imagine, this business keeps her very busy at the weekends and school holiday’s, so I decided to help her fill her days by joining me.

I’m working on my business plan at the moment and have plans to increase the team even further with a good friend of mine who has a love for social media.  I’m just waiting for her to get her house move out of the way and then we should be making another announcement.


Social Media Management North East

As you know I have been concentrating my efforts and time on Social Media Training in the North East and a large part of my very busy day is tied up with Social Media Workshops for North Tyneside Council and working with clients on a 121 basis. Donna is going to be concentrating on Social Media Management. Some people simply do not have the time, or the inclination, to manage their own social media accounts.  Working closely with clients we will be able to offer this as a full service. From Twitter only management through to management on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – and of course I will be working with Donna and overseeing the management.

It’s an exciting time and I do love it when we take on new challenges.  I am well experienced in managing accounts, I have been managing some of them for 8 years now and am really looking forward to building up our client list and helping Donna to grow this side of the business.

Paul is continuing to work with me now on a part-time basis and will be continuing his hard work and excellent approach on the graphic and video side of the business. Ooooh how exciting!  Who knows, we may need a bigger office soon – especially when my friend has completed her house move and fingers crossed joined us too.

Have a fabulous week.



About the Author Amanda Dixon

Amanda Dixon is an Award Winning Social Media Consultant and has been working with North East businesses for over 7 years, She has trained over 2000 businesses in the use of Social Media for business, through 121 training sessions, hands-on workshops, bespoke in-house training and seminars. For 6 years Amanda ran a Social Media Management Agency and in 2016 changed direction and launched North East Social Media Ltd to concentrate on the education side of Social Media. Teaching North East Businesses how to use Social Media with the maximum effect North East Social Media Ltd believe that Social Media is far more effective when created and managed in-house, that way the posts are more current, images more creative, more fun and spontaneous.

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