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North East Social Media in North Shields

North East Social Media North Shields

For 3 weeks I have been planning on writing this blog, and now at 11pm on a Friday evening I have finally found the time!

Well it has been an extremely busy few weeks to say the least which included a big move from my office of nearly 3 and a half years on Team Valley to my new office – for I have moved and am now at the North Tyneside Business Centre.

North East Social Media in North Shields

I can’t believe how quickly the office has felt like “home”.  The reasons I moved North East Social Media to North Shields was twofold really.  Firstly, I was at The Business Centre most of the week, working with North Tyneside Businesses at The Business Factory and secondly my youngest, Andy, managed to find himself an apprenticeship at a Print Company based at Silverlink. Being the soft mother that I am, I told him that if he was successful in getting the apprenticeship I would give him a lift to work.  Imagine my delight when he received his contract with his starting time of 07:30 – yes 07.30! He starts on Monday, so it’s new routines for us all!

North East Social Media – North Tyneside Business Centre

So, this is how it all looks inside the office 🙂

Mind you, these pictures were taken 3 weeks ago and my desk might be a little more chaotic now. It’s amazing how much “stuff” you accumulate over the years.  I couldn’t believe I filled a van – when I say I, I did supervise, but my husband and my 2 boys did all the filling, and loading and unloading and carrying.  I waited patiently, sitting on a chair, next to the van, observing / supervising.

Social Media Training North Shields

So, I am now delivering Social Media training for both my private client’s from all over the North East and for North Tyneside Start-ups and existing North Tyneside businesses through North Tyneside Council’s The Business Factory and I am loving it.  In the last week alone I have delivered 2 Social Media Workshops and worked with a variety of established businesses in 121 sessions:-

  • A Flooring Contractor
  • A Utilities Consultant
  • A Reiki Master
  • A Beauty Salon Owner
  • A Public Speaking Specialist
  • An HR & Recruitment Consultancy and
  • A Jewellery Designer

I love the variety and the different challenge each session brings.

In Other Social Media News

In other Social Media News – what do you think of the new LinkedIn layout – if you haven’t got it yet, it’s on its way….. I will of course love it, I need to, to make you love it too, I’ll be happier when it finally settles down, bug free, so we all know what we are doing with it! First impressions, if they bring back a few of the missing parts that we used to know and love, it should be a more effective and certainly easier to navigate the platform.

In Other News

I nearly forgot! Guess who hit the big 50 on the 4th February! I had a lovely time with the family, 22 of us had a fabulous meal at the Eslington Villa and I have a few things planned to come, spread out over the year.  Well come on, surely it should be 50 celebrations for the 50th year! Celebrations include, a treat from my friend Joanna with a spa day at Slaley Hall; a cream tea for 2 at Lumley Castle, a night away with 14 lovely ladies at a venue in Allendale oh yes and my first ever trip to Benidorm with the girls at the end of April – now that should be interesting!

About the Author Amanda Dixon

Amanda Dixon is an Award Winning Social Media Consultant and has been working with North East businesses for over 7 years, She has trained over 2000 businesses in the use of Social Media for business, through 121 training sessions, hands-on workshops, bespoke in-house training and seminars. For 6 years Amanda ran a Social Media Management Agency and in 2016 changed direction and launched North East Social Media Ltd to concentrate on the education side of Social Media. Teaching North East Businesses how to use Social Media with the maximum effect North East Social Media Ltd believe that Social Media is far more effective when created and managed in-house, that way the posts are more current, images more creative, more fun and spontaneous.

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