Bespoke Training

It isn’t a case of one size fits all for Social Media and many of my client’s have felt that they would benefit more from 121 bespoke training than from attending a workshop.

I can create a training program for your Company, specifically designed around you, your people and your specialism. The training would incorporate all of the aspects found for example in my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Strategy and Content Workshops, but in this case it would all be delivered with your business in mind.

Bespoke In-House Social Media Training

North East Social Media Ltd’s bespoke in-house training sessions will be completely tailored around your business, around your specific needs and requirements.  I will discus with you before the training details of the session and how it will be formatted, to work best with your company. The bespoke training can be for 1 person up to your whole team, I am completely flexible. It may be that you would prefer a full day’s training, or maybe it would be better split in to half day sessions. We can look at your timetable and arrange everything to suit.

If you would prefer to come away from your office, I can accommodate that too, either in my office or I can arrange a suitable training venue that would be more suitable.

Up To Date Bespoke Training

I do not train with Power Point Presentations, just on Live Accounts, that way I can demonstrate the most up-to-date training you can possibly receive.  Social Media changes so quickly, improvements, additions, changes in behaviour – and I always ensure I am teaching the best and most current practices.

I have delivered bespoke training courses to many different industry sectors including Commercial Property Agents, Solicitors, Opticians, Farming, Education, Business Support, Business Professional and large Public Sector.  I have travelled from the South East of England, to the Midlands, North West England, North East and to Scotland to deliver training for one client, who wanted each of their departments to receive the same training.


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